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Briefly, the focus of my work is on understanding and quantifying the relationship between the pest, host, environment and human interaction in diverse agronomic pathosystems, in order to turn it into a practical integrated pest management decision making advice. I am combining statistical and mathematical computational approaches (example) and applied field/lab methods (example) to simplify and understand these relationships. All computational work from my PhD is freely available, open-source and reproducible.
My formal education background is in the field of plant production/plant protection, which later evolved due to the interest in the quantitative side of plant protection. I became interested in integrated pest management in agriculture during my Master studies, after which I got an opportunity to work on a project devoted to the development of crop disease and pest decision support system VIPS in Norwegian Institute of Bio-Economy Research (NIBIO). Subsequently, that path led me to start my PhD study on forecasting potato late blight in the Republic of Ireland. On my professional and educational path, I have lived and worked in diverse teams and conditions in four countries other than my own. 

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